chest pains. a sick cat. more DS drama. lol

I am having chest pains. I had ran out to the grocery store with my mom and they started then. they come and go. kinda weird. not very settling.

Shadow is not well either. he’s very weak, and wobbly. I have checked him for wounds/blood and haven’t found anything. we think he might have ate something that made him sick, or he stayed out all night or something. he just barely raises his lil head when i come outside.

the neighbors have a dog that looks just like DUKE!! not my crazy ones, the ones on the other side through the woods. made me so sad for duke!

it has been raining here since..well right close to forever. today it has been relatively sunny though.

sorry I haven’t been on to blog/comment i have been helping my mom with her stuff most of the week. then yesterday i went to davids parents with him (its better than being stuck here i tell u)

me & my DS drama. I took back the DSI because I wanted to save some money. (DSI is 169, DS lite is 129)plus I didnt need the camera/music player and i wanted to be able to play game boy advance games. soo i decided ok, take it back get a white DS. wrong. its discontinued. so i said ok i’ll get a pink one like i had before. (the one i had before was used from gamestop)

so i go to gamestop get a new pink ds (so i thought) and 2 gameboy advance games (narnia & a charlottes web one)
spend all day out and about , and just left everything in the box in the car.

got home and opened it and it was the most horrible shade of pink i have EVER seen in my life. it was “metallic rose” and it looked like poo!

well it was raining and we had already gotten relaxed. we planned on drinking having fun and calling it a night. but david said he’d go ahead and take me to the gamestop 10 min down the road, even though we had already been over near it.

well i tell them its the shittiest colour i have ever saw in my life and that i want a new pink one. thats when i found out those are also discontinued. so i said ok whatever. i will compromise and get one USED ( and i despise used electronics.)(used ds lite is 99) i was going to put the $10 warranty on it (2 years coverage) well I had told them i wanted to see pink/white ones and they start handing me red & blue ones. i’m like um NO. then they showed me the “BEST” pink one they had and it looked like someone threw it off a cliff and banged it into some gravels. i was like HELL NO. all the white ones were grubby.

well i had remembered seeing a green ds lite that had a cooking game with it. but i didnt see it out. so david asked and they dug one out of somewhere (weird it wasn’t out and they hadn’t even mentioned it) well it was 149 and had a nice case and a cooking thing with it so i got it. and i’m happy and i’m not taking it back. because david tore the box really bad and we already threw it away lol. plus gamestop acted like they did me a favor taking back something i only had 6hrs and all iever did was check the color. yeah they tried to get an attitude about i am about done with that place.

david found out that his ps3 doesnt play ps2 games so thats a bigger issue.

well i’m out. promise no more blogs about exchanging DS’s lol. i will try to come comment today/tonight/tomorrow.


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    Aww 🙁 I hope your chest pains go away soon, but if they’re not gone in a few days, I’d really suggest going to the doctor to get that checked out.

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    I’ve had a couple of chest pains before but nothing serious so I really hope that you’ll be okay soon, Nichole. I hate it when the color i’m expecting isn’t the color that I get for any item. Sheesh. And too bad that the PS3 doesn’t play any PS2 games. :\

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    hope you get your chest pins looked at if they dont go away soon mrs! hope you are ok soon.
    as for the`PS3 only the original 60gb ones will play the ps2 games the newer ones after that wont =(