chill and relax and I have GOT to stop injuring myself!


I had a very nice relaxing and chill weekend which was nice because usually I don’t feel like my weekends are like that!

Right now I am trying to write a review to put on grits, but after like 2 paragraphs i’m at a total loss lol. I guess thats what happens when you haven’t wrote something “real” in so long! I’m going to get it done though if it takes all day!

I have got to seriously quit hurting myself on the weekends..I never did write about it but last weekend I slid on the rug beside my bed and busted my lower back/tush and thats still sore. To top it all off apparently saturday evening before I went to bed I scratched a cut on my leg. David said there was blood all over the rugs in the hall and in the bathroom and he just thought I had gotten up in the night and had period issues or something ..I was like um no, I was never up in the night!

I so happen to look at my hand and I had blood all under my nails and when i look down at my leg there was blood all over me even on my foot, and later on I found it on the toilet paper roll! and from a tiny pin prick sore for goodness sakes!

I am hopeful that maybe we can get david’s dad to come and look after sam /the house this weekend because I know my parents are going to my grandparents and i’d really like to go. Even though I know that they will leave so early in the morning that it will make me sick the entire first day that we are I say I really want to go but I don’t know if it will work out that way…

Well i’m out for now. I need to figure out what I need to get done in this messy house today ..and try to finish this review… what fun!!