christmas early

my mom is having christmas dinner at her house tommorow when david gets off of work at noon. shes probably gonna be in virginia on christmas so … this is pretty much out only chance to have a christmas. my mom and dad want us to go with them to virgina but its like .. ugh prob not gonna happen. if david actually offered to go with me though i’d consider it. his parents would probably watch duke. shadow would be ok by hisself i’m sure. i doubt it happening though.

anyways that means i have to get up when david goes to work so i can go down there. ugh. not lookin forward to being out in the cold early morning!

I don’t know if david has gotten paid yet (frankly i only get depressed when i go to the banks website and check our account) so anyways if he got paid i think hes gonna be going christmas shopping this evening. i mean honestly he doesnt have to for me if he doesnt want to because he bought me that photo printer & house season 4 on dvd…and that little random stuff he bought me, but I have a feeling he’ll go out and get more.. cuz he has mentioned it.

I feel bad because i really don’t know what to get him! and well i dont really have the money on my own. we’ll see how that goes. hes kinda hard to buy for because he buys what he wants all the time anyways.

he’s working till about 5 or 5:30(not really sure) so I will start dinner around 5. my luck i’ll make dinner and he’ll want to have gone out and eat.

I don’t know if i will go out shopping with him or not. I need to get something for shadow & duke but other than that I don’t really WANT to go especially since hes gonna be shopping for me.

ok anyways i’ve rambled on enough // more latter. and expect lots of christmas pics tommorow/thursday 🙂


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    Can’t wait for the Christmas pics! Aww too bad you’re having a hard time giving him a Christmas gift. Maybe you can cook a special meal for him or something? I dunno :s