christmas eve 2009

oh mee gee nichole decided to blog on christmas eve!!!
not alot going on with me. i am really trying to get up with jason just to see him for a few secs at least b4 the end of tomorrow.

we were last together on christmas 2006 so it would really mean alot to me!!

i haven’t really been doing to much. i am kind of in an internet funk as well as an real life funk. i am just trying to suck it up and go on you know?

today went tothe mall and to walmart. ugh!! lol

so so so sorry about my funkiness that i haven’t made it around to comment i know i’m not the best net comment buddy but i’m trying lolz.

well i’m out 4 now


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    Wow, That’s an awful long time to not see Jason… Now I see why you’re so persistent to see him.. Hope that you have a very merry Christmas tomorrow

  2. says

    I think a lot of people get in an internet funk in the holidays. I’ve even been in one lately. I hope you had a great Christmas!