christmas update w/pics

I am seriously sorry that I haven’t made it by to comment you all in a little bit longer than what it usually takes me! Christmas, Travel, and a period from hell hasn’t  helped anything!!

I suppose that is why, when I blogged last, I had mentioned hurting so bad. I started my period yesterday morning and it is..well.. not pretty at all. I think it has been about 3 months since I had one. It has taken everything that I had out of me! UGH!

I feel SO behind on everything online, as well as around my house. I feel overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. Plus, I really don’t feel like doing anything so..:(

The weekend is basically a blur. My grandma had sent our biggest present with my mom durring thanksgiving to hold on to, in case we didn’t make it there because of the weather. My mom sent it home with david Thursday evening
electric fireplace for Karen & David
I love it. Alot. And I had never saw one of those in red before. 🙂

Friday we made the trip north, stayed till about 3:30 in the afternoon and headed home. It is a good thing too because the snow they already had, had melted, froze back and then got more snow on top of it. My grandma lives out in the sticks so they weren’t going to come plow anytime soon.

Saturday we went to my mom & dads and had dinner. Then we went over to davids moms for a few minutes. It is a good thing we left when we did because even though my mom only lives 20 min away, and had no snow at this point, by the time we got towards the house a little bit more, we had about 2 inches and it was pouring snow!

here is a picture of me & david from saturday at my parents. thankfully i don’t look like a crack addict. the ones from my grandma’s on friday I look really rough!
Karen & David
Sunday we broke out of here and went to walmart, and to kmart & bestbuy. didn’t really get anything worth mentioning..just wanted to get out of the house. david did get me a chain for my cross necklace though. hee hee. the one i had broke a long time ago..

well i’m gonna cut this short. i’m hurting pretty bad and honestly I am in slow motion mode today…it sucks 🙁

I need to comment everyone, delete some links, add some links.Add some reviews to grits, write a few reviews (I have 3 staring at me and 2 on the way!)  I have some buttons/banners to add..who knows what else.

as far as around the house…omg laundry,dishes, floors,bathroom,putting up stuff.. 🙁

more latter