Class Progress..We hope..

Be proud I managed to keep my tushie to the house last night, even though I REALLY did want to go see the band!!

Tonight i’m going to class #2 of 9 and tomorrow i’m going to meeting #2 of 4. I cannot freaking wait for this stuff to be behind me. Then I have to go to something that has to do with it on tuesday, but… I still won’t be anywhere near through 🙁 I also have to do some volunteer work related to this but who even knows when i’ll get started on that! It’s all good…I will put this mess behind me the sooner the better!

I am getting ready to try to put on some “real” clothes since I have to leave the house…Also, gonna go ahead and get dinner started so I can eat and be ready to go after David eats. Stupid class is from 6:30-8:30 and that doesn’t barely get david in the door… I am making French Beef Stew tonight..I should have had David stop and get us some French bread, but like I say we hardly have enough time to get things done as it is!

Not a lot of plans for the weekend. .HOPE to write 2 reviews (finish 1 for here and write one for grits that is BEYOND overdue) MAYBE go to another class (#3 on Sat? MAYBE)  and…um.. yes, thats about it!

I just wanted to write a few lines.. I was just thinking about how much i’d love a trip to the parkway this weekend. I doubt it , but a gal can hope no? 🙂 I better at least make it back ONE time before to awful long!

More Later!