Cleaning up the blog & such

Hey Everyone!

I have spent a little time cleaning up my side bar and footers today. Not finished just yet,  but thought they could use a little overhaul. I also am going to start with cleaning up the subpages- adding some new ones, editing some of the current ones and that kind of thing 🙂 It really is the little things it seems like get let go the most!  I am also wanting to work some on southern belle- but I haven’t decided EXACTLY what I want to do over there just yet. It is supposed to be my blog that is more for family/real life folks to read and I am thinking about using it for my VA website (in part) a little bit of local stuff, ramblings and even things about church and faith and all that kind of thing…. It was kind of an impulse buy because I loved the domain name, but I haven’t managed to make it pop just yet- not to worry it still has that new blog smell and is such a blank canvas still. I LOVE THAT 🙂 Not that I am going to neglect good ole AR here, heck no- put way too much in on this one to do that… 🙂

David will most likely be working on his Ipod tonight .. so I won’t really have custody of the computer- just the ipad and the tablet. Thankful for that Ipad keyboard I can pretty much do anything I would have done on the computer! I actually went ahead and charged it while ago…I would LOVE to get a keyboard for my android tablet…if i ever find one reasonable enough! I actually need to tweak my android tablet because I haven’t really ever got going with it since I got it. I had the one that David now has all set up but the voice controls didn’t work so we switched..and I had reset it a couple of times before that because it had some auto app that kept throwing stuff I had deleted back up on the screen (darn pre-installed stuff lol).

I am a bit worried about the weather next week….David can miss one day of work and it would be “ok” things would be TIGHT but we could probably make it. However, if he has to miss more than that.. it is gonna be BAD news bears. I know that he had a couple of weeks back around the holidays where he had to miss 2 days for Christmas/New years (thankfully they were on 2 different pay periods..) and we almost didn’t make it. I know if I have to I have some emergency money that I have saved for YEARS (Since I was a child actually) It is at my parents house in their safe and my dad has told me several times to just take it if i need it but I always just leave it be. I also know that my mom would help us out of we need it to thankfully. Have I ever mentioned living pay check to paycheck SUCKS? UGH!

You’ll be proud of the fact that I did manage to stay up this morning after David left. I also did manage to shave and exfoliate- and change sheets on the bed. Actually in a few hours if I really wanted to I could go start tanning- but I will likely wait and go tomorrow! I also got the dishes put up and a few other random things 🙂 I actually need to go finish cleaning up the tub before david gets home ha ha. I am never quite sure if he gets off of work at 5 or 530 anymore. I figure with him getting a little extra on wed, and today being friday it will prob be 5!

I am looking forward to a nice cuddly weekend with Dav and the fur babes… I am hoping for NO visitors /houseguests this weekend and hopefully getting back into going to church too! I get in the habit of watching online and end up not going in person :/ David isn’t volunteering anymore for right now but he might get back into that at some point. I would love to find something to do myself- I think the only thing that might be for me is the whole data entry thing and I think they even have where you can do it through the week too.

We actually started not crating marley when we leave a few weeks back and she is doing really well with  that. We have left her out up to about 4 or 5 hours too! It makes me feel better because I hate putting her up like that especially when she is such a good dog! she never bothers nothing or anyone so.. it kind of gives me a little bit more freedom as well.

well.. if you can’t tell I am in  chit n chat mode but I am going to dash off here and see what I can get into before David gets home. I wasn’t sure about dinner so I told david we have plenty of chicken sausage patties, waffles, hashbrowns and various other frozen goodies I think we could make some sort of of meal or two out of ! I actually ate some fried rice for dinner and I am kind of full still lol.

Later Gators