click the x and go away? whatever happened to that?

Hi Everyone!
If you missed it check out my post below…the comments and see my little troll that decided to stop by and ridicule me because I am so lazy bitchy and pathetic! What ever happened to if you don’t like a website/blog/blogger to clicking the “x” and going on your way? I am sorry I have depression, haven’t slept since like 2003 and …No I don’t blog every day anymore ..that is my choice you know? but honestly I am NOT SORRY and that is who I am and if you don’t like it oh darn well. And OMG you darn well know if someone is torturing my animal or eating all of my food like a pig I will darn well bitch!

I hate running in circles with bitches..I don’t know why it is but if you get someone you can’t stand that you meet online they will turn up forever no matter where you go. If it is someone awesome they will probably disappear and you will spend forever wondering what ever happened to them. My # 1 goal this year is to take time for ME and to at the same point cut people who aren’t sincerely my friend and just want to run their mouth and be a bitch OUT OF MY LIFE. so far so good.

I just had to get that out. 🙂

So with that out of the way I don’t know what I am going to get into today. I am watching Sons Of Anarchy from the beginning on netflix and I would like to take a nice bath/shave and change sheets on my bed. Also I am on this cleaning mission where I pick somewhere and clean it every day and I have been meaning to get into all my bathroom goodies that are in the upstairs hallway and do some dusting there as well. We will see how it goes…

Right now it is time to find something to snack on and maybe some coffee…


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    Nichole, don’t let those little trolls bother you and ruin your day. People need to get over themselves. If they don’t like what you write, they can leave. No one is forcing them to read your blog. And by the way, I saw nothing wrong with what you wrote in your previous post. You were just writing about your day, no harm in that. If someone did those things to me, I would be upset as well, so you have every reason to be.

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    You shouldn’t let the trolls get to you. I don’t know why people would choose to ridicule people when there’s no reason to. Hope you feel better.