c’mon phone! 17 herb chicken ..and.. more!

Hey Everyone!

This not having a phone thing is starting to get on my nerves lol. I wouldn’t even mind if it was a basic phone because let me telling you depending on facebook and gmail for conversation bites!  My phone should be here at some point today. Of course the whole order is whacked up and they are sending 2 and with the tracking on them they were sent at the same time from the same place BUT.. they are in totally different places now! Go figure! They are both supposed to be delivered today so .. here is hoping. I can’t get the sims card out of the tray so I will have to wait on David to get home *boo*

He came home for lunch. See last night I made chicken with spices and herbs and covered it a little oil and baked it in aluminum foil. Then I made a italian pasta salad and some potatoes with parsley and butter. .. he came home to eat the leftovers 🙂 We are calling it my 17 herb chicken (I don’t know how many it really is) but it was yummy 🙂

Tonight i am just making up some quick and easy chinese frozen meal thingy .. we really need to get to the grocery store again sometime soon!  Plus I just honestly hate making the same stuff over and over and then most of the time I really only cook dinner for him because after I eat lunch I pretty much don’t eat anything else… it just depends. I just always wish I could get new ideas!

I already know we aren’t going to church this weekend because we are having a guest preacher again (we had her this weekend past as well) and it just isn’t all that great. This will be officially the first weekend we have missed in like 2 months! I know that I generally miss every other week but I also do catch up online. If we had a little $$ I would probably head off to Boone! I know we had talked about going next weekend but that is volunteer week and I think  I have to pick up my chicken that I ordered as well.

Right now there is this horrid loud noise in the breezeway.. oh yeah it went on 5 min but I wrote that and it hushed lol. Honestly with all the stupid stuff that goes on here who even knows. I mean we have had painting and crap for over a month , they changed my water meeter yesterday (I probably wasn’t using enough for them and they are probably messing with it no doubt). ..and i don’t even know what else.. I must say living at our old place at least I knew we didnt have to worry about them starting any projects lol.

I am having this wishy washy mood today with blogging and such. like. … one minute I am totally inspired and the next minute I am like MEH …which is an improvement from totally MEH right? I am hoping the October blogging prompts can perk me and this joint up again!

Well.. I am out to see what I want to get into today! Later Gators