Coding Language makes the blog world go around!

Even though I can’t code in any kind of coding, Coding language kind of does fascinate me! I actually used to code HTML by hand because I didn’t know how to copy/paste (stop laughing! lol) but it was actually a good thing because I got familiar with writing the code by hand and I knew what most of the stuff in the code meant! I did this for a very long time! Then, I finally did learn copy and paste and .. yeah I am not saying it was the best idea ha ha! It truly made me lazy.

Also, back in the day, there were drag and drop editors when it came to making a website, so there again there was a lazy way out and I took it!

I would like more than anything to be able to learn how to code up my own themes one of these days! not that I want to change anytime soon, but the knowledge would be nice to have. I don’t learn easy, so it wouldn’t be easy! If I could perhaps find a patient person to help!

I know there are lots of different coding languages like HTML,CSS, XML..and on and on! I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

I do find it fascinating to learn what each coding language “makes happen” so to speak..and what some of the various things online use to make them work!