cold/allergy oh my!

Today I slept until 11:30 vs my usual 10/10:30 because I was just sleeping so well! plus when i was up this morning making davids lunch i was achooing everywhere and sniffing..and just generally had that i’m getting something feeling. I am feeling a little bit better now, since i have ate and am getting ready to get my butt in gear and take a shower, clean in the kitchen and wash some clothes!

I still think that it is a good idea to use the web to research when you have symptoms of any kind of disease or illness, especially if you are looking for Cures for Ailments that might be readily helped if you look them up online. I found alot of helpful information surfing the web for my ailments and treatments for the symptoms when I was having my Hpv/Cervical Cancer/Dysplasia drama. I also use the web to find out things for use in my medical office classes because we often have to answer discussion boards pertaining these types of things.

Cures for ailments and treatments for symptoms are just some of the issues discussed by The Amen Clinics, a specialist in brain SPECT imaging. You can also find the profile of The Amen Clinics here.

I am getting better at updating don’t you think? and now that the stats are back up, I don’t feel so bad when i don’t get alot of comments! Anyways I will write more latter. I have housework calling my name, and a cat who won’t get out of the dish drainer!

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    Yeah the only downside is you think you have like 3986 illnesses because of WedMD, Ive soo been there. I do frequent that site a lot but it does get my mind racing. Hopefully you aren’t still feeling crappy and if you are then I’m sorry. Feel better =)