Come out on top , somehow..and possible giveaway on the way!

Hi there everyone!

This morning when David’s alarm went off I wasn’t WORE OUT, i’m just regular tired..which rarely happens. Anyways, I decided to grab then netbook and stay in bed and do whatver and watch Reba on Hulu through the Roku.. Let’s see how long this lasts.

I don’t have much in the house that HAS to be done today, which is nice. I have of course several things that I COULD get into. Goodness knows I probably won’t though lol

Last night I went to my class (6 of 10 WOOT!) because goodness knows with the way things go around here I might not be able to make it back for a while. I got home a little after 8:30 and I told David he should try to call his dad since we hadn’t heard anything from that front since we were all there on Saturday.

We didn’t have the direct number to the room and every time we called we kept getting disconnected while they were trying to transfer us. I frantically sent messages to Brad and Alex on facebook and looked up online to see if I could find another number to call which I did.. and thanks to brad I also do have the direct # now.

David gets so frustrated with trying to deal with his dad it is just sad. We watched 2 episodes of passions on youtube and then when we laid down at 11 we spent over an hour talking about various things that have been bothering him with all this situation with his dad.. UGH I will “Go There” one of these days .. I swear i’m about to put on B**** boots and do some house cleaning with some people. This is NOT going to fall all me and David so help me god! We have enough to deal with. Like I said before I don’t mind helping out a little bit,but it’s not going to go the way some people might think that it will.

Right now it’s a whole 37 degrees this morning. Whee! I am all about cooler weather but ..that’s a little cool for me. Please don’t tell people I went to Appalachian with.. they would think I went soft lol.

I need to order some items from ..I got a chance to do a review for them a few weeks back but haven’t got to order my goodies yet..I also have the chance to do a giveaway so if anyone likes any particular item there let me know.. I might choose to do a giveaway of that item!

I am going to dress up in my “sexy witch” outfit tonight. A black dress, black stockings, black shoes and a witch hat. Heck without the witch hat I might look like a funeral gal? Lol I just happened to think that.. I think some people may have been disappointed that I wasn’t dressed up the other night lol.

well, i’m sure this isn’t the last you will hear from me today.. catch ya in a bit!


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    I just did a review & giveaway for them (holiday cards giveaway, ends in 2 hours). I just received part one of six packages from them today, the other five are supposed to be here Wednesday. But one of the things I loved that I got from them was the 8×10 canvas print! If you did a giveaway for a canvas of any size (I’d love a larger one, but this tiny one is SO cute too!) I’d definitely enter!! Just throwing that out there 😉

    I also ordered photo books, various size prints, mugs, keychains, and photo magnets. I can’t wait to get the rest on Wednesday!

    And brr, it’s been really cold out lately (I’m in IN). I love the cooler weather but it makes me want to NOT be outside in it! I still do look forward to the snow simply to see Alex play in it! 🙂