cool & dreary i’ll take it

DRlogofor AR


Today I am soaking up a cloudy and sort kinda dreary rainy day and I am loving it! I am not really what I would say up and going- I am having female issues (ugh tmi i know lol) but anyways I am drinking coffee and making the best of things. I need to catch up on my 31 days of summer posts- I didn’t do them over the weekend- I had meant to schedule them beforehand and then yesterday I was in bah humbug blues mode for most of the day- but its good now 🙂

My sunburn is peeling like mad- I didn’t realize I burned up at my hair line- since I am doing the pulled back troll thing lately lol. I look like I have conditioner stuck in my hair or my scalp is dry or something like that! It is driving me mad! My hair in general is driving me mad- I can’t remember if that was in a post that I posted or one in drafts but goodness it needs some loving lol.

I am SO glad this is pay week and NOTHING other than our phones are due and since we have these crap phones and service— thats only 60 bucks! We are already one car payment ahead..and David is going to pay 2 that way we will be more ahead 🙂 other than that we just need a major grocery haul! I am hoping maybe we can keep some back towards the horrid beginning of the month blah humbug time!

The weekend was low key as heck. We did consider going to carowinds and doing some of the night time stuff sunday evening but I didn’t want to bother my mom to watch Marley/ make us some sandwiches to take because she has been having some neck/back issues and my dad was wore out and was actually napping so.. We just decided to do that another time. We did have fun Saturday because we went to the pool party here after all for a while.. it was pretty low key and oddly enough no one really came to it!

Well- I don’t really have anything else to ramble on right now so I’m gonna get off of here grab some more coffee something for lunch and do a few things in the house.. later gators