Daughtry Concert at Carowinds Thursday July 02 2015 – BEST DEAL EVER FOR TICKETS &ADMISSION

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I haven’t wrote my whole “OMG I AM A CAROWINDS CARO-BLOGGER” post just yet- but I will.. in the mean time I wanted to take a minute and share an awesome event and an awesome deal on tickets that is coming up this Thursday July 2nd 2015 at Carowinds in Charlotte, N.C.

Daughtry (5_27_14)

 This Pic is from the Carowinds Site announcing the concert-click thru to visit & read their announcement

I am REALLY picky about music- seriously I like A LOT of different types and artists (I am talking bluegrass, country,rap, pop,rock,classics, etc) One of my favorite shows to watch years ago was American Idol, and I can very well remember when DAUGHTRY was on there! I really .. really..really.. liked him and I was REALLY sad when he got voted off! Even more picky with music is my mom, and she liked him too. I can remember when his CD came out at Christmas that year and it was almost impossible to find, and my mom went EVERYWHERE with me looking for it until we finally found it!  Don’t tell anyone , but my mom also listened to it (Shh!) I have since bought all of his cd’s and his music is a constant thing that I like to listen to on spotify /my ipod.

Daughtry is factually from N.C. -the Greensboro area, so that is always fun , because it is really amazing how many artists that I do like that are from N.C.(Eric Church, Kellie Pickler to name a few) I didn’t realize as well all of the things that Daughtry has accomplished since he was on American idol all those years ago (seriously has it been 10 years? time flies) such as:
• Back-to-back No. 1 albums
• Multi-Platinum albums
• Four No. 1 top 40 hits
• Four Grammy Award Nominations
• Two World Music Awards

I was excited when I found out Daughtry was coming to Carowinds, and David and I are actually going! A little birdie just told me about an AMAZING deal for you to get your tickets for the lowest price possible- $19.99 and it includes admission to the park as well! On a low end it will cost you about $45 to go to carowinds alone, and the ticket prices for the concert (which included admission to the park was well started at $40 so- You were def. getting a great price either way for a concert and park admission- but $19.99 is an WOW amazing price don’t you agree?

To take advantage of this offer simply put in the code 1999 when you are buying your tickets at the ticketmaster website and volia! You will be set to come and have an awesome time on thursday! I will be posting pics and such on my instagram and possibly here as well afterwards so be sure to check back!