David & I went on a Carowinds Bender- #caroblogger #luvcarowinds

I was provided 4 Carowinds Seasons passes as part of the inaugural carowinds caro blogger program, where I blog about various aspects and events at the park with my honest thoughts opinions experiences and ideas. all of these experiences and ideas are honest and my own. yours may vary.

So as you well know I am part of the carowinds blogger program Caro-Bloggers and I am pretty excited about it, if you haven’t been able to tell. when the passes came David took vacation day on thursday- I mean c’mon it was the day before their fourth of july vacation anyways so.. 🙂 We had our “apartment inspection” that day and afterwards we headed out to make our seasons passes. We dropped Marley off at my moms sometime around 330 or so I believe it was.

We made pretty good time considering it was Charlotte rush hour but we were kinda heading the opposite way of trouble for the most part. We did run in a bit of traffic at down towards the state line but that was to be expected ! We picked up my tickets for the Daughtry concert at the will call booth and headed to make our passes. The first few things I noticed was “wow , this place sure has changed since I was last here” some noticeable changes for me- who hasn’t been there probably since 2007 or so for scarowinds

1. the entry way where you pay to park is closer to where you come in at than it used to be and is pretty much on the state line.

2. you sure can’t miss the intemidator or the fury from the parking lot!

3. where you enter the park is totally laid out different

David and I got our passes made pretty quickly. I was shocked because the last time i had a pass mine had my pic on it but now they have the pic in the computer when they scan your pass they look at it that way. We got in the park pretty fast because I do not believe in carrying everything I own when we go in! If we park close enough I know I can always go back to the car if needed! I had my fanny pack with lip gloss, my id, the pass , some keys and .. I think that was probably it! So just note if you have bags and all that sort of thing they are gonna go through them and just keep it in mind!

We headed off the sky tower and I took some pics. They aren’t very good pics for the most part because I cannot zoom at all on my phone..I had meant to grab Davids old phone from when we had sprint which has an awesome camera but forgot- I did almost get my ipod touch and bring it but it was dead of course so.. I just got what I got lol Some of them didn’t turn out SO bad- however the general ones I took around the park turned out a bit better:20150702_171650


We kind of just walked around and explored for a good while.We shared a chinese meal (I swear we had just ate a huge meal BEFORE we left lol) and then headed off to the concert! I enjoyed it tons, and we were fairly close to the main section so that was nice as well. I tried to periscope/ make some videos and pics but this phone of mine like i say- hunk of junk and next time I am in the video/pic place I will be taking something TONS better 🙂 We left the concert a little bit before it was over so we could walk back to the car and get to my moms relatively early to pick up Marley.

Friday we went back! My mom made us a picnic lunch and we dropped Marley off and headed out! We ended up doing tons of rides including David riding the intemidator- I think there are about 3 things in the entire park I haven’t rode myself and that is one of them! We also went on Rip Roarin’ Rapids which is one of my favorite rides- this is basically the longest wait I ever waited for, for a ride at carowinds! It wasn’t HORRIBLE I just would have probably picked something else and then went back to it!  We also rode White Water Falls, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill and tons more on this day! We had a ton of fun and we were wore out by the time we left 🙂

We skipped Saturday because of the 4th and we wanted to go over and spend time with my parents and have a cook out

Sunday we ended up having Alex (davids brother) tag along so it greatly limited what we got to do because he will not ride ANYTHING that is coaster like including the carolina gold rusher which my mom will even ride! We did venture to the water park where I did a few things – I have this thing with water slides because I fell off of a raft in one when I was younger and went in the little pool at the end and  I can’t swim and it scares me.

If I can ride with someone or it isn’t too twisty I will still ride one but I kinda just took that day as a chill day and set on the sidelines when it came to those!  Maybe when David and I go back we can ride some together 🙂

I did do the lazy river which I loved until the VERY end where it sprayed me right in the face – I wish I had a towel near by lol. We mostly did extra extra special tame things this day and I can’t wait until we can go back with just us or even my mom so we can perk it up a notch- or just leave  alex on the sidelines lol.I might be a bit of a ‘fraidy cat but it is only because I haven’t been in a lot of years and I have to warm back up- but I still ride more than what he will lol.

Needless to say we had tons of fun on our “carowinds bender” it had been so long since either of us had been and having the passes is awesome because we don’t have to do everything in one day like I have had to do in the past! It really gives us time to explore and enjoy and not be rushed and that is a awesome feeling! I also hope that as the season goes on I can increase what I feel comfortable riding -like I say there are only about 3 things I haven’t rode and I don’t think I will be able to ride the Fury but you never know 🙂