Davids off. DAY #1 :) LOL

Well, I Made it to the end of the world, so to speak right? πŸ™‚

Right now david is gone to the dr (nothing major!)and I am watching some Sunset Beach on youtube and drinking a little bit of coffee. I woke up around 7 this morning, which sucked because I was sleeping pretty good and having some nice dreams… but since David got up I just couldn’t go back to sleep. Which sucks, because this cold is still raging it’s wicked little war!

Then, last night right when I was getting ready to go to bed, I noticed my little monthly friend is def. trying to make an appearance. Ugh πŸ™ usually when I start having wicked cramps in my ovaries it’s about 2 weeks before the main event. Not this time of course! UGH. RiGht in time for the holidays & travel.

We are doing one of those fast travel events like we did for thanksgiving, you know… up early, drive 4 hours, visit a while and 4 hours back!

It’s really looking like I am going to have to redo my hair πŸ™ I was hopeful that it would last through christmas but noooo thanks to all of the nasty weather we have had.. not so much hope for that now!

My number one goal???? FIND A DARN SHIRT TO WEAR for christmas. I would just wear my pink one I wore for thanksgiving but.. I don’t like the idea in the long run of me in the same outfit in pics. I want something in a pretty green or even maybe red. I swear Hello freaking walmart or MAYBE kohls. I usually do wear pink on christmas though, I have pink furry boots and the pink santa hat so I don’t know.. I really don’t care. I just wish I could loose my freaking muffin top or at least get some clothes that fit. I mean I have plenty of summer stuff, but winter? HA… I live in the south for goodness sakes!!

Anyways, more in a bit i’m sure…