Dead Battery

Hi everyone, How is it going tonight ya’ll?

This morning I woke up at 9, and it was as dark as it could be outside. I do not think I have ever saw it be that dark in the day time before. It was also about 35 degrees at the most! BLAH. Another one of those “suck the life out of you days”  I spent most of the day watching t.v. then I took a quick nap around 3 or so. I woke up to a delivery that I wasn’t expecting for a future review coming up in the Holiday Gift Guide.

I watched David play the Wii for a good while and then I finally decided to break down and get the computer out after I took a shower and tried to wake up a little bit. I finished a review too! wahoo! I am on a roll with that and am currently working on another!

David went out to go get me a bottle of wine and the car battery was DEAD AGAIN. He couldn’t get it charged enough to jump off so..we had to break down and buy a battery. BLAH!!! In other words I, the humble blogger gal shelled out my own money because well.. we just put tires on the car this go around! (David just got paid last week and..yeah lol). So, yeah that sucks. There is a place up the road that has cheap batteries and they are guaranteed for like a couple years but I knew they would not be open this time of the night. We will def. keep it in mind for next time though!

My mom had me have David invite his dad and brother  for thanksgiving since we aren’t able to make our trip! I  think he was supposed to be stopping by and doing that this evening.

Well, there isn’t a lot else going on, and I am getting ready to jump off of the computer for a while and just chill 🙂 Didn’t want to not update today!

Later Gators