dead net

sure doesnt look like i’ve missed much while i’ve been gone lol

I am trying to find a transcription usb foot pedal. if anyone is bored and finds me one cheaper than 58 bucks please leave me a comment and let me know. i might be able to borrow a friends if she ends up crediting by exam the class…but well you never know.

david & I have been going to bed at like 7 this week lol. I don’t know why we’ve done that. last night i got up at 11 and stayed up till 1:30. me and my sleep issues. i’m like a baby with its days and night confused.

i had creepy freakin dreams last night. like in one dream I asked if i was gonna ever have a baby and then i saw this flash of light, and there were little kids playing at a playground (I take that as a yes? ) lol but I dont know why it was so spooky. sometimes i just get the creeps. dont know why

i’m trying to clean up the house and do some of my transcription homework in adavance… but i’m kinda just in this blogging/site/pics mood so we’ll see how that goes. I have to get ready and go make dinner *basil chicken with rice* so i’ll be back latter

xoxo ng xoxo