Dead Phone? I am *not* amused .. but it’s good..

Well.. Goodness ME! I kind of knew today wasn’t going to be all that fetching with David being gone most of the day to volunteer at church. There is more but i’ll get there lol.

I woke up at 6:30 to check my phone…and.. it wouldn’t light up. wouldn’t turn on. I wasn’t too worried.. figured it was just dead and didn’t get plugged in right or something of the sorts.


It wouldn’t budge. Then I remembered the other day… I can’t remember if it was Monday or Tuesday but early last week there was an afternoon when I was going to nap and I was looking at something or another beforehand and my screen went whackers. I mean.. it was like little pixel dots or something like an old tv. I figured it was just a glitch but apparently it was a pre-cursor of things to come! The phone is just barely over 3 months old so..I knew it was covered just annoying you know?

Anyways it took me a good 2 hours and 3 different reps on AT&T chat to get things squared. I thought we had things squared the first person I talked to but.. he put it in for the WRONG PHONE (David’s) after we specifically talked about it being the nokia not a samsung! It is’/was a mess but I think it finally got going the right way. *sigh*

Last night David told me his mom was coming over today. I was like for serious? WHY? and then he had a panic attack (oh i swear on bibles his PT’s are related to his family. just a hunch) He ended up falling asleep on the couch at some point. *sigh* It is all getting better in some ways but I can almost guarantee he will have one after she comes over. I still haven’t figured out why. this is how i knew today would be weird from the get go!

I did manage to straighten my hair, do a load of clothes and change sheets on my bed! I know David got out of church early so hopefully he’ll get to come home early too!

I do not know when I am going to get into my Sunday get all the things blogging done routine… lol it seems like never. Eh.. All in good time everything always works out!

well I’m out. I think today calls for wine and chocolate..and I am in luck.. I have BOTH! More later of course!