doing things I shouldn’t have to

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ok so i wrote here like in august that I went off the pill. and well I’m not really telling anyone other than david that as far as my family. so tommorow I have to go to the health dept with my mom and get more pills (since david takes the car to work, etc etc) so GRR i’ll so be wasting time but I dont want to hear about how i should be on it because I dont honestly believe that I should.

I am laying in my warm bed watching friends and playing online. how awesome is that. I prob should wash dishes but eh. it is 9:20 at night and I just want to chill.

I took a nap today and omg it was the best nap ever.i was watching days of our lives went to sleep and didnt wake up until 4 !! that was 3 hrs. I am trying to not take naps tht much anymore you know. thats the first one in like a week or so.

omg . a week till thanksgiving. eek.

ok i’m out. i’ve asked david for almost two weeks to change out shadows box… and he better do it tonight. it is SO starting to smell. i would do it but i’m still too sore to lift something thatheavy. he also needs to get out of the bathroom doing his obsessive shit and take out duke. NOW..