don’t excite me like that!

well hello there my friends! i swear i do not make good use of my online time at all anymore! i am behind on commenting blogging and posting at my board…. and I cant tell you why! other than that!

yesterday i went with david to his dads and we didnt really get along..i dont know david just acts like hes so the shit when hes over there. i kinda knew that would happen but i went anyways because i just wanted to get out of the house but oy it might be a while b4 i do that again.

right now i’ve been talking to jason, on of my ex guys (we were more friends than the rest) david does know, and well its kinda complicated. i’ll prob make some posts at exquisite about it, in my private section of the board but I don’t think i’m gonna be putting much about it here…so i know it sounds like a ploy to get you to join exquisite but if you would want to know more about that, and your someone that I trust please feel free to join there and we’ll see how it goes.

my period is driving me nuts. it has been trying to start on and off since the day after thanksgiving! really what the heck. and its like to killed me the past two days…

I am currently trying to find somewhere online to start doing medical coding,data entry,or anything like that. so i can use my degree and work from home

you may ask why my sudden interest in doing this? well i’ve always been interested, but more so now because david and I want to try to move back to our old apartment. no i’m not sure its still available (it was as of july 4th though) but i’m sure one of those 8 apartments are. (there were 3 of them as of july 4)

we have just really had enough of being here. seriously its been 7 months can you blame us?

i would try to write some for demand studios but i NEVER get a chance while i’m here. perhaps when we move. i dont know i’m sure i’ll find something.

well thanks for the comments on the last blog. i’m SERIOUSLY gonna start being better with my time. and get things going. i did so good there for the longest time, i dont know whats wrong with me!

and yes caity i got your card …and alannas! and to jessy: i would have loved to exchange a card! i know the international mail by dates are already past though now i think!

ok more latter


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    Good luck with the job hunt! It’s hard to find good jobs online nowadays, but with a degree hopefully you have an advantage. I can’t wait to see what all you post on the Jason situation!

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    Good Luck with the Job hunting thing.. and I hope that you get your old apartment back. I’m almost finished with my period for the month.. so I hope yours gets on track soon. =]