don’t roll over and die of shock

hack hack hack. thats all i’m doing lol
seriously vicks cough drops are awesome but by the 5th one i start feeling kinda drugged! I want some ricola but we don’t have any. gonna have to go get some I suppose.

my parents did actually get a load of stuff yesterday. i mean don’t roll over in shock like i did lol.. they ended up taking my dresser, my chest,and some random boxes and stuff. they were supposed to take the coffee table and the chinese formal table. and my desk.soo. i was like why the hell are they taking the little stuff that will fit in my car? but you know whatever. its their ancient gas guzzling f250 truck they will have to make 1-2 more trips in lol

they actually stopped by here today on their way home from the flea market and took some more random stuff.

i’m supposed to go play pool tonight but i am feeling like freakin trash..i honestly would probably go if it were just me and david but he’s meeting scott there and well i’d like to leave sometime at a decent hour,especially since i’m sick. so i’m not sure.

we are giving duke back to the girl we got him from. i am so beyond sad! she actually sent me a mssg on myspace asking when i want to give him back 🙁

my dad scared shadow yesterday when he moved my dresser. i guess because shadow was laying in the bed chilling and my dad was really loud with the dresser. anyways he hasnt acted right since then. i had to come in and get him and take him outside with me and duke.

well i’m out for now. gonna try to conjur up some throat spray and something for energy. yeah right. the only reason i really want to go to the pool place is they have kick ass freaking wings!

thanks for all the comments everyone. means so much to me that you can never know!


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    Aww, at least they’re helping now! 😀

    And, well, at least Duke is going to someone familiar? I hope Shadow’s okay… Poor kitty.

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    I hate coughing. I had to get a prescription cough medicine when I got sick last week because nothing else would help. Mmmm… codine. I hope you feel better.