don’t take your heat for granted!


Hi There! Well I got extra special off track because david ended up not working on friday last week, plus now he’s back down here working this week!  Only really good thing about that is I should get decent sleep and not be nearly as cranky!

Wed. We got Iphone’s at walmart, I got the white 8gb iphone 4 (only because they didn’t have a 16 with at&t) and david got an 3Gs. We only paid 88.87 for BOTH of them! so glad I waited!  Because David was so impatient we had to deal with getting the phones BEFORE going to my mom’s and visiting company… it took FOREVER and we didn’t get to mom’s till after 7! (we left here around 5:45 and got to walmart around 6 something.. ) Plus we got stuck in traffic..

We got home around 9ish, and realized that once again we are without heat!  UGH!!!

Thursday I call and leave a message about the heat situation, and of course I don’t hear anything back all day!  I don’t remember much else about Thursday… I think that was the day I spent working on the shutterfly contest which was a pain in my butt because I couldn’t ever get wp to format my post right and then being new to rafflecopter!

Friday I had david call about our heat, and she was like oh well if it rains they won’t come fix it! I’m like the heck? (well other words inserted there, but you get what i’m saying) Why do I pay rent for ? they NEVER fix anything. Honestly, I’d hate to be in the position right now to have kids, because there is no way in heck i’d have them staying in a house without heat and it freaking in the 30’s!  Also, it never rained on friday but guess what? no heat got fixed either!  I went to mom’s for a little while and david went to get his brother.

My nook also came on friday! I am pretty disappointed that A. it isn’t white (lol) and B. the android situation on it.. but I bought a card called nook2android and it should be here today, and then it will be FULL android just like a tablet! :

Nothing went right for me on Saturday. I mean NOTHING. David was in an ill foul pissy mood which he is always when he has his bro other, and he started with me when we went out to lunch. I went to the bathroom and cried got over it and came back to the table and he started AGAIN…Then the food came and mine was wrong! I ordered BUFFALO WINGS and i got BBQ wings. I swear , it doesn’t matter where I go, or what I order I will be the one with A. screwed up food or B. having to wait on mine longer!

I ended up sending them back and having them took off  the bill. I came home and napped and then we had a little fire in the pit while I wore my costume (I will *TRY* to get some pics of me in it this evening!)  It was so cold I couldn’t really stay out there….

Yesterday we still didn’t have heat, so i woke up about froze to the bed… I mean really I just KNEW we wouldn’t get it fixed over the weekend!  We took david’s brother home, and ..well.. .that’s about it for yesterday…

Today I sit here with no heat which makes day 6 ! which if you add in that we didn’t have it last weekend …makes oh 10 days all together! This morning was horrible! I had electric blanket, quilt and comforter on the bed..sam was snuggled up to me really close (he usually doesn’t do that) and i’m about to call and tell her ass off! this is freaking ridicoulous…as you may remember last monday I started to get a cold..well guess what..still have it.. I guess there is no chance for it to get better ..and what REALLY makes me pissed is she keeps telling me to just “get some heaters” WHAT?  Running those would jerk my power bill through the roof, and we have GAS heat which is cheaper and warmer! Just get off your lazy bitch ass and do your job woman! I am SERIOUSLY thinking about telling her i’m prorating the rent too!

Today I have the house to clean up(rug, dishes, clothes) and david will be home at 4! so .. i’m loosing time lol. I will try to comment and visit and write a review today but can’t promise anything!  catch ya latter!