Dorking out over my books :)

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was fast and furious but in a good way 🙂 I ended up going over to my moms after all on Friday- at first I thought she had too much to do/going on but she ended up calling me when David was here for lunch and I was like well.. I think I will just stay here and go through some things for the elusive yardsale lol. Anyways I ended up calling her back and going over there anyways.

Right before David and My Dad got off work I decided to get into my bookshelf and look for a few books and I ended up dorking out about it lol. I totally want to go over there and clean out all my books now- bring some home, put some in my sale and organize them and all that kind of thing! They are a mess 🙁 *sniff*  because over time my mom has put other sets in there and just put them where she could fit them..

I ended up bringing home some of my fear street books – the collectors editions that have 3 books each in them and I think I have read about 4 of them so far! I know there are 12 and I brought 10- 1 I never had and 1 is missing(possibly in the very back of my shelf no doubt) after I get a few things done online and a few things going in the house I will probably be reading the day away 🙂

I need to clean out my email. catch up on blog posts for my challenge (maybe? I don’t know lol) and the same with my pics for the instagram challenge- goodness knows I have two modes so caught up I am bored or so behind i feel overwhelmed 🙂 but thats the way it goes 🙂 in the house there are multiple loads of laundry/blankets/etc that need my attention + I need to put up my dishes that are in the dishwasher.I think we can tell it is monday? 🙂  I know for dinner we are going to have some pasta salad because it is so hot there is no way I want to be cooking anything really heavy or hot!

Yesterday David and I took a quick trip to Carowinds but it was SO HOT and I was pretty well not 100% before we went- I had a headache and an iffy tummy but we went on anyways. We rode a few tame things and then we ended up just coming back home. David had a few things he needed to do anyways and I needed to go to the store (which I did go to walmart but I needed to go to Aldi but we didn’t end up doing that lol)

Well – I am hoping off of here to get going and eat some lunch! later gators!