dreary weather again?

my cold/allergy hasn’t exactly decided what it wants to do yet! ugh. and now it is RAINING..sooo.. not fun not fun

I need to clean up my RSS and get around to everyones sites and comment.. I have a couple of new link exchanges. the girls at exquisite mb are the bestest i swear.

my parents are going to my grandmas this weekend. david and I haven’t been since the wedding. well i mean i went last year for the yardsale, but we haven’t both been since the wedding. I guess after we move in with my parents we’ll be more into going. its just hard with having duke to really go anywhere

speaking of all that.. we think davids friend scott is going to keep duke and shadow while we are living with my parents. that way we can visit and then get them back. not sure about that though.

i got in touch with 3 of my former best friends on myspace yesterday. we didn’t have fights or anything…just lost touch. so that was neat.

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