DSL!! its..h-e-r-e

I wave and jump and down and shout to everyone that I now have my DSL!! πŸ™‚ It came a day early πŸ™‚ the only thing that really bites is this whole ps3 crap..we can’t access the store and/or get hulu going πŸ™

They actually called yesterday while i was at my moms, and I didn’t answer. We get so many annoying calls on my primary line i don’t even answer 800 numbers! I got to thinking this morning that it might have been them so I called and it was. Then I was reading the set up instructions and realized I would need an account # to set up the service which I didn’t have..

You will just ADORE this next part, I assure you. I call to find out the account # and it sounds VERY familar to me (it was a phone #) The only time I ever had home phone was with them when we lived at the apt accross..I hunted high and low to figure out if in fact they had mistakenly gave me my old phone #.

About 2 hours later i get a ups 2 day express pkg with ..you got it.. a totally different #!Β  I can imagine what a pain that would have been trying to hook it up.

They have till 8 p.m to get the dsl hooked up, but if the dsl lite on the gateway quits flashing and stays solid green you can activate, so thats what we did when david got home πŸ™‚

I got 2 reviews up that i have needed to have up for a while. I got one more that needs to go up ASAP ASAP and 2 others that need to go up semi asap..the rest are ones i’ve just recieved so no rush there!

well i’ll catch ya latter gotta figure something out for dinner!