duke II

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented on the video post. They meant alot to me.

I did some investigating. It would cost a small fortune to get him back, and then I have to get him a whole batch of shots, ie even more money. and then i’d have to find him another temporary home. and thats even if hes still among the living (isn’t that horrible to say?)

its just a big mess.

I have NO clue why they gave him away to us, then just as soon as david and I start to find him a temporary home while we are living here she jumps at the chance to keep him for us. I never did have the best feeling about it, but I was in a pinch. I had put him in the trader paper for 100 bucks but we’d already decided we wanted to get him back one day and he was already with robyn by the time people started to call about him. had i known the drama i would have sold him. at least he would have had a chance at being happy

From the day she gave duke away to us, she did nothing but lie. claimed that she couldn’t afford food for him. well i believed that at first. but when we bought him a 50lb bag of dog chow for 15 bucks and it lasted over 7 months…i was like BS. how can you NOT afford 2 bucks a month to feed a 17lb dog?

she told lots of conflicting stories about him.. I really didn’t pay alot of attention. she claimed she loved him so much but only came to visit him once…and rarely even asked about him . ( I never went to see duke while she had him this last month because she just acted so ANNOYED everytime i mentioned his name and I didnt want to start a bitch fest)

even when david and i were trying to figure out if we wanted him, we checked out her myspace and she has 20 million pics of her other dog and only one of him. i thought that was pretty sad. and when we got him he didnt come with ANY toys or bowls or anything. I went to biglots and bought him his rope, tons of treats and bones and his food, bowls, a leash and a collar. i cared more about him before i even met him apparently. i even had a tag made with his name and our address. it was a batman tag. and i still have it. I havent saw his hoodie since we moved but i’m hoping its stored away somewhere.

you could tell they had been mean to him. which i excused as maybe some other people in her family were mean to him, not her or her husband. he had strong seperation anxiety and was so skiddish. he didnt really like most people, and he took a while to even like us.

I can’t write anymore about it right now.

but again thank you all for the kind words. its my stupidity for wanting to move and giving him back to her I suppose.


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    One thing I never understood… why did he have to go elsewhere? Why couldn’t he stay with you? 🙁