early in the morning *cough

blah. i am so sick of getting up early in the morning. seriously. as soon as i get into my deep sleep I gotta get up 🙁

plus this cold I have has decided to take up a residence. of course its only really bad at night & early mornings!

ok so i dont want to turn this post into all about nichole never feeling good…so we shall move on

so i’m happy my grandma wanted to buy my wii & all the stuff. I kinda wish i’d have asked a LITTLE bit more thoug. she kept telling me she didnt want me to cheat myself. I told her if she wanted to give me more then she could decide that herself. I just had to have the 320! of course this money will be used for paying on my credit card so YAY

yardsale is saturday. last year when we had the yardsale I was hungover as it gets …actually at that time it was the most sick i’d ever got from drinking! i had threw up all night. ugh. lol I wont do that again!

i’m adjusting better to life with the dog. he just bugs me really bad when  i come home or if we are around certain people (my parents for ex) he doesnt shutup barking?

well i’m gonna try to get back to my online life today/tommorow. right now i have to go put some clothes on, brush my hair & my teeth. get the pets food and water. take duke out and go to school to do facebook. seriously. and we know how much i hate facebook!

xo xo ng xo xo


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    Ohh, haha. It’s awesome that your grandma decided to buy the Wii/help you out and stuff. I mean even if you feel like you should have asked for a bit more, think of it as a family discount? I mean, after all, if you were to sell it to some random on the street, you’d never get to touch it again. But if you visit your grandma from time to time, you might get to play with her, etc.

    And that… rather sucks that the dog won’t stop barking. How long as he been with you? I wonder how long of an adjustment period dogs need to new surroundings.