early morning

oh my. i am up before 11 a.m dont be afraid lol. i was up last monday this early putting things in the house up…anyways you know me and my repressed sleeping issues. i just went ahead and got up! i’ll nap later I suppose!

Jason wanted to come down tomorrow and spend the day with him. I am pretty sure we are gonna do it!! i just have to make sure my mom isn’t gonna show up lol. it probably wouldn’t look right. oy! i am gonna tell her today, that we should go to the store WED. lol
i wouldn’t really worry its just she hasnt been over since last saturday!

anyways since he’s coming (as far as i know-) it has inspired me to try to finish unpacking and get some things done around the house!

i have NO IDEA what we will end up doing. i figure watch some movies and maybe go eat or something like that. his parents house isnt that far from me, so if his brother is home we might end up chilling with him.

well i need to find a new layout for this site, and try to get moving so i’m out for now
<3 ng


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    Hey, I am glad that Jason is coming to spend the day with you tomorrow.. At least you’ll have company.. I hope that you have fun with him. =] <3 ya!