Early to bed and A Raise…

Hey Everyone!

My foot is just too angry lol. I don’t know why, but it is more sore now than when I first decided to go “skiing” or “make snow angels” lol. The bruising is subsiding, and soaking it in warm water/epsom salts seems to really really help so hopefully it will be better sooner than later!

Last night David I went to bed SUPER EARLY. I had planned to watch some t.v upstairs on the roku, but by the time I drank some sleepytime tea I was like never mind!  This morning after David left I was never asleep again though so that sucked! I got up around 8 or so and focused on working on grits-reviews for most of the day.

I also took a early nap from 1-3. I swear I think I could have just kept sleeping and I really kind of hope we go to bed semi-early tonight as well. For some reason ever since I fell I have been EXTRA tired.I think my subconcious tries to protect my foot all night long or something!

David called me and told me he got a $1.50 raise per hour today, so I was PRETTY excited to hear that!!  That’s what $120 extra per check?? I am not a math whiz, so if not..well it’s something like that before taxes lol.

I don’t have a lot to write about today, just wanted to drop a few lines. Hopefully i’ll come up with something awesome soonest!