Electronics Fever. I has it…

Hello Everyone!

Well yesterday I managed to find my 32gb flashdrive that was missing so that was nice! I had been looking for it pretty much all week and I kept having this feeling it was in my “Junk” drawer and even though I had looked before, I had overlooked it because it was in a basket I had in there!  I also took time to clean out some old papers and such that were in there as well.

David got me an older Nintendo DSI on Ebay and when it got here I was excited and set it up, but got busy doing other things like making the bed and putting away dishes from the dishwasher, and cleaning out a drawer.. and talking on the phone so I didn’t really get the chance to mess with it right away. Anyways around 4 or so I was pretty much done with what I wanted to get done yesterday so I sat down to play a game and it wouldn’t read the cartridge! I updated the firmware because I thought that might be an issue but it still wouldn’t work. David later discovered that one of the pins that read the games wasn’t just bent it was totally gone!  What a bummer! I know he can get a refund and everything so at least it won’t be a total loss or anything.

David got a very nice lazy boy recliner from a guy that he works with yesterday so he was a bit late coming home. Then we went to gamestop with intentions of me getting a DS of some sorts but of course I want bright pink and they didn’t have it. .. that and the fact that the ones they showed me looked like pure crap ..scratched screens and stuff.. Meh! They did have a blue one that I probably should have got but I know how it goes with me when I don’t get what I originally set out for.. I end up never being happy!

My newest obsession is upgrading my Ipod lol. I originally started out with a 4gb Mini back in like 2005! Then I didn’t upgrade till like 2010 and I went to a 16gb nano.. I had the original 4gb of songs on there and nothing else for like EVER and EVER . I actually just now filled it up.. I think I have about 60ish MB left and I have about a million Cd’s that need to go on it. David says just clean up the one I have but once I get these ideas in my head.. lol. I am wondering how much I could get for the one that I have and counter out the price .. but honestly it would still have to be a used one.

I have been spending most evenings and afternoons on my patio listening to music and just chilling and I am loving it. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as an electric fire pit?If So I need to pitch for one to review!

If you can’t tell I am totally just NOT feeling the internet lately.. sure it has been kinda on and off with me for a while now and I know it is a seasonal thing. The blogging part doesn’t bother me.. because honestly It is not that hard to just get on here and ramble about this and that most of the time but.. honestly there are just so many other things I want to do .. Maybe I am growing up lol. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.. I don;t think there is anything wrong with having other hobbies though and I am def. exploring some new things like getting back into reading, getting a game system with games I like and maybe even picking up some new recipes and stuff along the way too.

Right now it is 8:45 and if I was smart I would have just went back to bed when David left but I couldn’t sleep so I got up.I think I am gonna find something to watch and a snack and just see where the day goes 🙂


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    I’m so glad you were able to find your flash drive. I need to start exporting a lot of my stuff to an external hard drive…. I’m hoping to get a new computer before the end of the year, but I know it’s a big expense and I will need to step up my blogging to help pay for it. This poor computer has been used 8+hours a day for the past 6 years with me being in school and blogging :/ it’s dying a very slow death lol. Hopefully you can get your DSi problem figured out. It’s too bad they sold you a faulty device 🙁
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