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I rejoined ecstasy message board. despite some negative things i said about them/ some of the people i have taken it back. i came in peace. i missed it. i missed the people!

i am taking part in the stamp collection they have going on. i have added my collection here at the site so check it out!

i am really in the mood to work on my myspace/facebook/site the last few days so i’m going with that! i’m adding affilates and all that good stuff. i’m gonna delete some of the links in the blog roll. … jenn gel caity and melle will remain when i’m through!

anyways, i’m around will be around to comment today
and i’m serious about the card exchange. i know its early but i’d be SO happy to do it. just let me know

more latter *today maybe


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    I’ve been doing the same, trying up update things. I’m looking to do a blogroll too. I’m new to it but I’d like to add you.

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    i’ll card exchange with you =) love getting snail mail lol. Love the new theme by the way hope all is well with you x