Emergency Surgery, Oh My!


This is just a really quick post to let you all know the basics of what has been going on the last few days. I am getting ready to scoot off of here and wash a load of clothes and a few dishes. Other than making dinner and taking a shower.. I’m gonna be taking an extended nap!

Monday instead of David taking his dad to the Dr appointment, he ended up having to call an ambulance and have his dad transported to charlotte for emergency surgery.We spent literally ALL Day there and it’s an hour each way for travel. By the time we got back into town and stopped by walmart for a few things (lunch for me and my bro in law and some soda ) it was nearly 11 p.m!

Yesterday I had my brother in law all day, and when david got home we had to go by his dad’s to get my brother in laws stuff, and go back to the hospital. it was after 7 p/m when we got there! We left around 8:30.. I was wore out and having a headache from the devil so I had david drop me off at home while he ran off to bilo to get him something to eat.

We don’t plan to go back until saturday, and david is working a half a day tomorrow ..I most likely will not be making it to any of my classes this week!  just wanted to write a quick update so you know what’s happening. I’m off to start the clothes and maybe wash the dishes before my nap..