Evening Rambles.. Why not?

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone

I am doing a second ramblings post in one day — watch out! I don’t really know why I just felt the need to sit here and write a little more. I did get up till yesterdays blog prompt done- and yesterday will end up being a freebie day for me- it was a pic post of what i did yesterday and I honestly didn’t do anything yesterday worth taking a pic of lol. Todays prompt involves sunrises and sunsets and I will scare up some of my pics and put them up but this will all likely be late tonight or tomorrow 🙂 I really don’t have any oomph for today!

I know that whenever David gets home we will need to find something to do for dinner/scoot off to walmart for a few things. Don’t get me wrong I need like an epic grocery store trip but I am going to have to make due a few more days until I can get to Aldi, which will likely be the weekend. I don’t have a debit card for where we switched banks and really the only way to do that would also be on the weekend (saturday ) and I would still not have it in time to go shopping! I can always go to my moms one day and pick up a few quick and easy things in the mean time.

Honestly I don’t even have a desire to be on our bank account- so.. it doesn’t really matter. I am honestly feeling drained thanks to the female stuff and I don’t even care if we just go pick up a few things and grab a tv dinner or something at this point!

I have one review I need to write and I will be mostly caught up- I did get one item that I had gotten disapproved for and then it came anyways and I want to try to work it in but I am not sure at this point. I have two pitches out and other than that all is quiet on that front except carowinds, possible beerfest and my big surprise in the fall. I don’t think my hotel thing panned out after the fact I had been told yes, just pick my dates and then got $300 in tickets to go to all the ripleys attractions.. picked my dates and never really got a straight answer back. It is all good but it kinda bites all at the same time. It’s good though I have the perfect amount to do/in coming and pitched at this point and even if i get 2 yes answers I will not be feeling overwhelmed 🙂 One of them kind of ties in with one of my visits I get to do so it is really cool!

I have GOT to find something for me and energy. I have absolutely none. The sleep thing is insane- I should def be getting up early at this point if it was going to be meant to happen at this point. I am lucky if i can get up ONE morning a week early.. like i said I kinda know it will vary for me year to year in the summer with being up late getting stuff done or getting up early..and this a night year and I don’t get to pick and it is driving me crazy because I would rather it be the other way around. I went to be extremely early last night but with the girl stuff I didn’t get hardly any sleep …I think I was awake every hour on the hour. I know sometime around 1 David tried to take over the whole bed and made marley mad and then she stared him down and got in her bed and I practically had to kick his leg off to get him to move so I could get back right!

Right now I am waiting for David to get home. I honestly don’t ever know what time he is off of work anymore- sometimes its 5- sometimes it is 6 and sometimes its in the middle or later.I think technically it is supposed to be 6.

I really want some new dinner ideas.I am telling you even if I had been to the store there is probably nothing of all the things I make that I would want to eat anyways. We need some sorto f variety somewhere along the lines. I have made total lists of what I know how to make and ran through it before and it is just like MEH. I do tend to get like this in the summer but.. this is just extreme!

Well I am off of here to.. I have no clue lol .. catch ya later