evil lil pills

I got the truck back for david. not like i was in need of the money right now, or that even I could be that mean.
i mean really …i would have had to live with that the rest of my life. and david wouldnt have ever shutup about it lol.

my period has really taken it out of me this time. but I have decided ONE MORE TIME to go off of the pill. seriously. i don’t care if I dont bleed. I have got to get off these little devils and theres no time like the present.

i mean i have been on them like…5 years straight this time? that cannot be good. plus i am only on them to make my periods right, not because I don’t want a kid. because I have baby fever again. ughhhh.

i am trying to be more active on commenting, finding new affilates and all that … i think i’m doing good. 🙂 i am trying to find some places to do paid blogging but really havent got anything good yet.

well i just wanted to do a quick update. more later.


  1. says

    The Pill messes with my moods too much and having a wee one I have forgotten to take it on more than one occassion – which isnt good lol
    5 yrs is a long time so maybe try coming off it all together or trying something else, but if you are wanting the kiddios then I say come off and let nautre do its thing =D