Shadow Still never made it home. my only thought is that someone has catnapped him, because lets face it what reason would he have had to leave? it just doesn’t sit well with me. he’s been gone 3 weeks come monday. if i had one wish for my birthday it would be that shadow would come home.

I am trying to get people into posting over at exquisite mb again. we were off to an awesome start, but with everything been going on in my world i haven’t been by there very much, and things have died down. so if you want to join and help us out http://exquisite.press-pause.net (i’m pollypocket if you want to put me as your refererer)

not much is going on with me today. i am gonna start making midori margaritas soon. tequilia makes me nuts. lol jason says that jager does the same thing for guys as tequila does for girls. i’m like what is that? and he said makes your clothes fall off lol.

seriously though people should take my phone away when i’m drunk. i’m the worlds funniest drunk texter i swear. lol.

I want to get another kitten so bad.I am hoping to go to the flea market this weekend and see if we can’t find one. if shadow were to come back though i’d want to bring him back over here. i should have just toughed it out for a few days…he’d have calmed down…oyyy.

well this is a new one for me, i made two blogs in one day. oyy.i’m out for now <3 <3 ng