ex’s and phones

I found an myspace message from one of my “ex’s” (more detailed explaination, ,he was my best friend, just we had “advantages”)

anyways, i was setting up my myspace mail account (xxpollypocket@myspace.com) and there it was. from right after david and I got engaged (ie, i gave EVERYONE in my past up because they were guys and all that crap)

well it was talking about even though we were engaged he still wanted to be friends and visit and talk on the phone and stuff (we were more friends than anything, just so you know) and he even signed it Love Ya, Mean Beam.

in the 3 years i knew him he never said those words or even wrote them to me. I guess now i know he really did care and want me to be happy. mean beam was my nickname for him, and i couldnt believe he wrote that.

i do wish i could still be friends with him. i mean if only to message eachother or say hi on the phone. lately david has told me if i want to talk to any of them it would be ok, but I have mixed feelings on the sittuation… afraid of digging up the past i guess.

my mom finally has decided to cancel her cell phones. so for the first time since 12th grade (um almost 8 years ago.) I won’t have a phone anymore. david and I MIGHT go with t-mobile but i’m not so sure, because of my broadband. that crap is so freaking expensive, but i detest dialup and i cant do DSL here because of my moms security system) so i’m not sure what we are gonna do. i just dont feel safe when i’m out without a phone!

now the woman is dingbats when it comes to contracts..but she did decide to go back with DIRECTV for satelite. i can’t win them all i guess but at least i can watch some decent tv. i hate dishnetwork. their packages freakin suck.

ok well i’m out. need to straighten up my room, and hopefully my hair.


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    I am still friends with a couple of my ex’s (the ones that ended on somewhat decent terms). My husband is okay with it, as it is just messages through MySpace, Facebook, or text.

    We’ve had Dish Network for 3 years, and I don’t have a problem with it. It’s cheap for us because we have it through the phone company (where my hubby works), but I don’t watch my tv anyhow. Just have a couple shows that I DVR every week.

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    Oh dear, ex’s always have to make things difficult!
    I would not advise to go with T-mobile, when i was with them my signal was rubbish, i am with 02 at the moment and they are rather good 😀

    Also im loving the layout! When did you change it?

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    hmm if you want to be friends with the ex and hubby is truely happy about then go for it – but think about if the shoe was on the other foot – how would you feel?
    Love the new layout btw x

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    I think that some of my ex’s would be wonderful to be friends with. We were always disconnected through things we couldn’t be blamed for. I was constantly switching schools, lack of communication on my end, and etc. It’s good to look back on times and see how wonderful people were in your life.

    I have T-Mobile & Verizon. T-Mobile’s pretty okay with me. I don’t have any complaints.

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    I wish I had kept being friends with my ex because we could have been good friends however I can agree how it can possibly bring up the past and not help. *sigh* Talk to your hubby and see what he says & if he’s okay with it. Keeping to the IM, MySpace msging should be fine.

    Nice layout!

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    To be completely honest, if you still have mixed feelings on the situation I would just stay away from him. However, the final decision is ultimately yours. I hope you figure out what to do.