fast & furious

This last week has just seriously about drained me & david. Running to charlotte 3 different times, and especially sitting there ALL day on tuesday then turning around on wed. and going back ..UGH!

Friday david and I had a nice lunch at ruby tuesday, because I had a $10 credit from the last time we were there. We decided to sit at the bar, not because we wanted to dink, but because they were saying you got chips and salsa. I swear, I should complain again because the service was just that bad! Girl like to never took our order, we didn’t get refills that much, and she didnt even bring the biscuits out until we asked. David also had to “remind” her to bring the chips and salsa after we ate our meal!

We went over to david’s dads to check on things like his scooter and what not. Other than that I don’t remember anything that went on friday!

Saturday we went to see David’s dad at the hospital. Also, my brother and law and our friend brad came up there. We stayed a little while, made some plans with brad to go over to his house later that evening. Then I got to go see my mom and dad for a little while on our way home.

I had every intention of dressing up like a witch when we were going to go to brads but I changed my mind. I wish I hadn’t though. I wouldn’t have cared I was the only one dressed up. I mean I was already the only girl there what the heck would it have mattered?

David & I Had never been to brads. I had to stop by target and get some coffee because I was wore out and hadn’t napped..I had planned to take a quick shower to pep me up but I never got around to it! Anyways, holy fancy house! it was 3 stories and I was pretty impressed. It was fun to get out and hang out with people somewhere besides davids dads house or our own! We got back pretty late but I hope we might go over there again sometime another.

Yesterday, I pretty much slept all afternoon. We had chinese for lunch.. I went to walmart to get drinks and some salad fixins and that was about it.

Today I haven’t done a whole lot, and i’m fine with that. I have a load of clothes to get going in the dryer, and that’s about it. Right now i’m waiting for david to get home he’s about 20 minutes late at this point!

well i’ll catch ya later gators!