fast & furious weekend

Hey Everyone!

Well, here it is Sunday and another weekend almost gone 🙁 I am happy though that David will have Friday off because of the 4th!  At least this weekend hasn’t been as slow and boring as last weekend was too.  Yesterday we went to H-Ville because David wanted to switch phones (I knew that freaking Samsung Note and him would not make it through the weekend!) And now .. of course he has found something else he wants to try, so we have to go back over there today)! Then we ate a late lunch came home for a bit and went and ate some frozen yogurt/went to walmart.

Today we have already went up and visited where I used to live as a child (it is totally different let me just say) I will probably bring you some epic nostalgic post about it at some point… I took a few pics and I want to go back because daggone it there is a splash pad down by the lake now and I would so totally play in it lol. Heck, you all know how I am about swings and there were even swings!

I am trying to get some posts together because I am going to TRY to do two seprate 30 day challenges this month. One here and one on Southern Belle that way I can build up some posts over there. One will be the BE challenge and the other will be the one from the sits girls challenge. I am also going to try to do an instagram challenge this month as well. I hope to prewrite as many posts as I can and be ahead just like I spent a good portion of june .. it just might take me a little longer to get that way. Of course with writing prompts some of them don’t mean you have to write a book for them either!

I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know what has been going on. Right now I am waiting for 12 so David can go change this phone *Ugh Really?* and then I hope we can grab some lunch and I need to pick up a few things  at walmart that I need .. then we’ll see how it goes from there. .I am figuring lots of writing…or getting in that closet of mine HA HA HA .. no seriously though if i don’t get to change purses soon I am probably going to cry lol and my only hope is getting in there and getting things done!

Well, Catch ya in a bit I am sure!