Finally got to the grocery store.. and my closet and more :)

Hey Everyone!

Well today has been BUSY BUSY BUSY

I went to bed reading a book last night.. #14 of Pretty Little liars to be precise and when I was though it was around 1130 ..and I would have kept going but my last two liars books (SNIFF) were not on my kindle!

Anyways It has been COLD (50’s BARELY) and rainy all week so I was all yummy burrowed when David left so just kinda went in and out of sleep- esp since my female visitor is around….around 9 someone was banging my door to death and – it was my mom who showed up with 2 huge bags of dog food, 4 bags of cat food and 4 packages of beggins, 4 packs of the mini deer park waters, and 4 packages of cat treats…

Then she said she would take me to store so I had her take out marley and got ready- We went to Aldi and Walmart and then I came home and put everything away , had a little lunch and tried to go through some of the rest of what was left to go through for the yardsale in my closet… I got everything except the clothes!

LIke i mentioned before Clothes just don’t do well at my yardsales that we have here.. thats why I am not really concerned with going through my cubes in  davids closet or through my chest/dresser…

I also went through a huge box that was in my kitchen cabinet of teas and such and cleaned it out, put the couch cover back on the couch, gave marley a bath and made dinenr too 🙂

need to REALLY get out to the closet /storage out on the patio but with the weather I haven’t been feeling it.. but I guess I will have to tomorrow! I also need to straighten my hair tomorrow 🙂

I need to price the stuff that I already have gotten together too.. looks like David is going to have to put his war game down and help me with that! Hopefully I can hit the ground running in the morning and get a lot done.. Honestly I am happy to have made it through my closet and to the store. … things that have needed to be done for a while…

Right now I am sitting in bed with a heating pad (female stuff and freezing!) with sam and marley and alternating between watching tv, reading and messing around on my ipad!

well.. I just wanted to write a quick update while I had a sec.. i’ll catch ya again tomorrow I am sure 🙂