Fires.Floods.Burns.Net Usage & Other Random Crap

So today i’m spending the morning trying to get all my online business caught up on. This includes the 8 submitted reviews for grits-reviews( I already have six in drafts that only need the pics added before they go up) Posted one of the 2 reviews I need to have already had done (hopefully the other one will appear by tonight) and ..commenting everyone. I am working from the bottom up this time, so watch for me)

Tuesday evening was a nightmare around here…My kitchen sink somehow managed to totally clog up when david came home from work. I was honestly glad that I hadn’t done anymore in the kitchen that day than I had, because it would have just been a waste of time. David mangaged to put draino in, which of course, of course with our luck didn’t work … and of course we call our rent lady and.. yeah she can’t manage to ever answer her phone.

So with all my dirty dishes stuck in the washer, a sink with both bowls of was just lovely. my mom suggested scooping all the water out, and trying to put boiling water down it. In the mean time david just ignored this suggestion and kept trying with another thing of draino.. he finally listened..


he doesn’t ever really use the stove..and manged to BURN ALL of my burner covers. I was just sitting there talking and i’m like why is it so smoky in here? ugh..

then..we finally do the boiling water thing..and david manages to splash it on his FOOT and burn his foot.

finally though we got the sink unclogged. after washing the dishes in the bathtub and such.

I had spent the majority of that day transfering my songs from my ipod to the iphone. all 1524 of them. If your

Wed: yesterday I was starting to feel a little BLAH … when I went to check the mail there was an surprise for me. Jason had dropped off  his old iphone that he had gave me! Of course I didn’t get to see him, since david is on a jason ban as far as most anything jason is concerned.I mean yes now i have my own 16gb iphone that i’m actually gonna use as a phone, but this one is nice as well. kind of if something were to happen and I wouldn’t have one..I was basically gonna use it as an ipod touch. I plan to sale my nano. Anyways, it was beyond nice of him to give it to me. i’m sure he could have made some money off of it.

The net usuage through my iphone wifi doesn’t ever add up. the stupid numbers fluctuate all the freaking time. i wake up and it is one # and then later it is a LOWER number. I wasn’t even on the internet via the puter at all yesterday and it went up 7Mb. it’s seriously getting on my damn nerves!

Someone turns 27 tomorrow. but I don’t know who that is..

I am seriously wondering if david is going to make it to his 26th bday. he’s already been in 2 wrecks,landed on his foot wrong at work, had the fire/flood/burn foot the other night..and ran into the gate at work (well the wind blew it into his piece of equipment)

well i’m out. time to comment a bit more and get this review done hopefully. gotta find some lunch right now though!