Foot status: 72 hours later

Today I have actually tried to BABY my foot, and I think that it has responded well to it! The swelling on my ankle side, and the opposite side has went down drastically.. However I now have a bunch of swelling on top of my foot!

My toes are more bruised, and my heal and sides of my feet are black blue and purple. The toes are a greeny color if you just had to know lol. I think i’m on the way to recovery. At least I hope So! I sure want to start tanning like..SOON..Also at this point do you know how nice a bath /shower would be!

I am still a little wobbly, which is understandable I suppose. I just hope hope hope it heals better and faster than the last time!

I got up early this morning because I couldn’t sleep.. basically have sat right here in this spot watching pretty little liars on netflix all day and doing all this random stuff that I never get done like posting reviews on grits and such.  I honestly think trying to rest is more stressful than getting up and getting stuff done!

Right now I just realized what time it was and I haven’t got dinner going ..David didn’t call when he normally does and time has gotten away from me! Actually he hasn’t called at all so, I’m going to have to get off here and find out what is up..and what he wants me to do about dinner since now i’m about 20 minutes behind!

Catch ya in a few