for we party tonight….

Hey Everyone!

I have been ON FIRE with getting stuff in the house done this morning. I don’t know what has gotten into me (other than coffee) but it can feel free to stick with me for a while. I have been sleeping decent and feeling pretty alright throughout the day for the past few days. I know that I have started to take my st. johns wort throughout the day instead of all at once before bed and I think that it might have something to do with it!  I am in a little better of spirits too it seems!

I have done laundry (washed.dried.folded) Taken Marley out twice, fed Marley twice, cleaned sam’s box, hung up christmas cards that I have so far, fixed the charms in my necklace from being totally whacked, vacuumed (though I have to do it all over again because this red rug attracts everything!) Washed dishes, cleaned up some junk on the coffee table, cleaned out some junk that was in the cabinet on our coffee table,put away towels, revived my hair,and..that is just what I can think of off top of my head. Other than vacuuming again (grr) and straightening up the covers on the bed, I think I am pretty well finished!

Since David had to work until 7 the other night, I expect him to be getting off of work around 3 or so. By the time he gets here and we get ready and take Marley to his dad’s we will be heading to his work christmas party. I have been starving myself pretty much today so I can enjoy all the free yummy food. Heck I don’t care if I end up having to bring some home for later by any means lol.

At least I already know what I am wearing!

I have a few things wrote down that I need to get done online but most of them are just tiny things that can be done any day and I am not so worried about them.

I don’t know how i am going to make it without a nap lol. I have been drinking coffee but I think I might need to dig up a vitamin B!

Well I just wanted to update, catch ya later gators