formulate !

I have been freaking trying to formulate a post since saturday lol

basically i spent friday/sat/sunday at my parents cleaning things up in my old room and the guest bedroom. i have finally realized i have a freaking too huge obssession with BOOKS. especially childrens books. you know for that day i’m a teacher. or that child i hope to one day

yesterday my mom came over here and we straightened up in the kitchen a little bit and packed up almost know except food and a few things to use for the next couple weeks.

i am trying to get ahead on my hw, i have typed like 7 or 8 of my documents (there are 10) they aren’t due until the 21st which gives me like 2 weeks and thats why I just can’t seem to get them done lol.which i mean i need to because I need to concentrate on packing and such.

i am not getting any sleep at all lately. well either that or i’m going to bed at 6 getting up at 10 and staying up till 1 a.m or crap like that which isnt helping! I need REAL sleep. eh. one day. one day

so yes i am behind on commenting… smack me with a stick ! but please understand its because i’m moving…

well i’ll try to write some more latter /tommorow…