from bad to worse

well my birthday went from bad to worse. david was being all snappy (like um wtf is new) but he just was being an ass. I even drank a bottle of peach sparkletini and hoped we’d be together if you know what i mean. then he still started running his mouth so we didnt end up doing nothing

he didnt get me a card. never said happy birthday. NOTHING then had the nerve to tell me it was because i probably wont get him anything for his birthday! i mean wtf is that shit?

no i dont have alot of money to go out and buy something because i dont work. but i always end up with a little money and i do what i can with it. so now he has sucessfully for 3 bdays not gotten me one thing. we didnt anything for our one year anniversary, nothing for christmas, and nothing for vday or bday.

yeah i am happy as hell

we havent been together if you know what i’m saying since BEFORE we went to tn, so its been well over a month.

eh. i dont wanna keep rehashing this today, so i’m out for now he’ll be home soon. o h joys


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    And you are married to this paragon of virtue?! Seriously. At least you make an effort to do something for his birthday. Tell him that he needs to make an effort.

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    aww hon’ sorry to hear you didn’t have a great birthday! I can’t believe he didn’t get you anything let alone a card!! I would be fumming, I wouldn’t mind not getting a gift but would defo be pissed off if I didn’t get a card.
    **big hugs all round for you** ~x~