[From The Nichole Archives] “Let’s Screw Something Up”

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Tuesday Nov 30 2004 “Lets Screw something up”

i am the most stupid person on this planet. seriously . i’m not getting into all that right now though. i’m SO tired today. i stayed up a while last night and had to get up early for Bio Lab..

I need to get mr jason something for christmas but i have no clue what to get him. lol i could always say it with sex? lol i am so slutty-ish lately

I want a mp3 player REALLY Bad . one that will hold all the songs from all my cds. or at least the songs i like. i’m looking @ one at walmart its $179 so we’ll see how that goes. i just dont want to take all my cds to college you know. and it would be easier to keep up with that rather than 250 cd’s or whatever.

I want to go shopping, obviously lol but i really don’t have any money because of spending the summer paying for movies,gas,amsusement parks,pizza hut, wendys.and what the heck ever else i can’t think of right now.

Jason was in a mood last night. not like directly with me but when I IM’d him he never IM”d me back and i was REALLY needing to talk to him and i was thinking AIM was flipped up so i send him a message that i wanted him to just say something to make me smile.but he couldnt because there was something going on that he didnt want me to be bugged with on top of everything else. but i’m totally ok with that. at least he’s honest.

i’m working on the sidebar a little bit. i just am sick of it being like it was. and since i cant make a dang layout for crap thats realy all i can change. i might go back to my shakira layout.. i dont know. lol just switch back and forth.