[From The Nichole Archives]”They All Go Out With The Text Messaging”

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Thursday Dec 02 2004 ” They all go out with the text messaging”

Today was well a waste of time for going to school. because well all i did was run over there and get my study guide for my art final. which i mean believe me i wanted the study guide but i dont understand why he couldnt email it to us or put it online..or make a pocket for it and put it on his office door /classroom door or something like ms p. does for her math students. but whatever. at least it got me out of the house. I got to talk to leah and peter about how crappy cingular and lg phones are. i think its the phones cuz people i know that have cingular are generally happy .

well mark and i have went out with a bang. or text message war. i swear hes an ass. and i am NOT going back. Vanity threatened to kick my ass and jason swears he will never talk to me, kiss me, have sex, mess around, hang out with me ever again. that right theres enough in itself to keep me away from mark.

I have been craving Chinese/Japanese like crazy lately. the chinese place 3 minutes away sucks and the japanese place is awesome but the terryaki steak/chicken mix is like 6 or 7 bucks. so that sucks. but i’m about to break down and call and get me some. i deserve it

I am so cranky today for some reason that i dont even know. i’m snapping at my mom and she hasnt even done anything really. I had to call up to the 4 year school to find out why i havent gotten anything yet. we’ve been having problems with our mail carrier lately. they are like definantly if you dont have orientation information or housing info by next week call us back. then they had me leave a message with another lady that was in charge and told me if i didnt hear back by tommorow then i needed to call.

How y’all likeing the new side bar?lol i dont know at least its something different. i’m gonna try and archive october/novembers posts and get some of the other ones up. that seems easy enough no? one would think…

i’m watching days of our lives . brandons such an hawtie. lol