oh this ghetto fridge.

remember me telling you all about the ghetto fridge that we got at this apt?
well now it is pouring water..

of course they think they can fix it. HA. i am serious when I tell you there is NO hope for this ghetto piece! I am so aggravated because they could have taken care of this BEFORE we were moved in. no. now they have to come tear apart my kitchen…

I will prob have to put sam up as well. it is just so inconvienent. to top it all off i’ll have to take my stuff off of the top, which include a million cookbooks among other things. JOYS.

anyways my stomach is still mad as can be, but i’m dealing. gingerale is the only thing that is helping..ugh!

I don’t think that this crazy thunderstormish wicked weather we are having for october is helping either! I mean what is this CRAP? my hair is in panic mode. (I have very naturally curly hair) I have about 5 tons of conditioner in it and its still mad 🙁

of course when i don’t have my hair fixed, I don’t feel like I look that great which kind of effects my mood..ugh! lol

well i’m out. i need to edit out some ppl on the blog roll ..and do a few other things before bedtime!

more later


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    ::huggles:: That sucks, hardcore. The last place we moved into before this one had a bum fridge, and we owned that place, so we had to replace it ourselves. It totally sucked. You don’t even wanna know how much food got spoiled. >.< Anyway, I'm hoping things pick up for you.