goodbye car that betrayed me(no not the honda civic lol)

Hey Everyone!

Seriously the weekend is already almost over? where did it go?

Yesterday we went up to the lake again (back by where i used to live) and it was o.k but it wasn’t that warm and I kind of got bored really early on! We had to go way up the road to get some bait, because I told David this little place right there where we were going had bait (or they did when I was little) but he didn’t believe me lol. Anyways come to find out not only does that place have bait, but so does this little sports shop they put in there as file that away for next time right?

Davids brother was up here this weekend (since Friday) because he was going to buy my red car.. let me refresh your mind on the red car story. It is the car that betrayed me on the day of my great grandmas funeral 🙁 We were half way from home and my grandmas on our way home and the thermostat got stuck and we cracked the head gasket or whatever. it was NOT a good day all around needless to say. We got it home and I don’t know what the particulars were but we ended up parking it at my parents and trading for the grey car. I think it was we didn’t want to bother figuring out what was going on at the time because it was so hot outside and we didn’t want to bother my dad at the time either.

Anyways that is 5 years ago come this July… That car has sat that long.. and we used it for some parts for our grey car…

They had to go to pull a part to get some parts and what not and they wanted my dad to go too and help so they ended up going today. After a little while of work they got it started and it is sitting out in my parking lot right now! I had to ride back with Alex because he get disoriented with directions and where he is frequently somehow (seriously it is less than 5 min away and basically a straight shot lol) It ran pretty darn well – i noticed it was a smidgen sluggish but i think with NEW gas it will clear up a bit! We don’t have a tag or anything yet so David had to follow right up on us …

We have to get it inspected, the title transfered and a tag but at least it runs? I know I have to follow David out the gas station tomorrow morning so he can leave the car and then I will take him on to work , come home and pick him up tomorrow evening I suppose. UGH Early mornings lol. I am hoping with the nosey butts that live at these apartments someone doesn’t notice it not having a tag and try to cause some trouble.

Right now I am just relaxing and watching church streaming online. David is gone to take Alex home and I didn’t figure he’d be gone this long but then again it is david lol I know he is probably wore out too.. I figure it will be an early night in bed watching tv and going to bed. I might take a bubble bath.. heck I might start tanning too this week. I am going to see if I can upgrade my package and do the beds where it just tans the top layer of skin..

well I am off for now.. I need to grab a snack and find what I am going to do when I am done with watching church!