goodnight moon..;)

hi there ..2 updates in one day. be alarmed lol

I am sitting here in bed, we came up here around 8. I should have taken a bubble bath and got some cider..if it wasnt already after 10 I would probably go and do it anyways! Meh! I am getting a horrible sore throat too ugh!

I have calmed down quite a bit from earlier and I am just trying to remain positive that maybe on some miracle level it will get threw out after all tomorrow. Why not?

I have a list of things a mile long to get done when I get back into the swing of things , which will hopefully be tomorrow. I dont know if David is going to go ahead and stay home or go back to work or what. I do want to get some emails sent and a post or 2 done. Honestly I probably dont have that much to do I just have to round up all my to do lists and see what I have.

I really want to get a review up! we will see how it goes. I just wanted to write a few lines before I cuddle up for bed.